Ozzie Godinez

PACO Collective


Born in Mexico and raised on the south side of Chicago, Ozzie Godinez knows how to be scrappy - a word he often uses to describe how employees of PACO, where he’s CEO and Co-Founder, find solutions to the creative needs of clients.

After finding success with several high-profile marketing agencies yet never quite fitting in, Godinez knew it was time for something new. And he knew he’d have to build it.

His in-depth knowledge of the market and firm business philosophy led him to partner with Pablo Acosta and in 2006 they founded PACO Communications.

In 2015 Godinez rebranded the company and revolutionized standard marketing practices by incorporating a cross-cultural marketing technique. This cross-cultural approach gave PACO Collective a competitive advantage over agencies that only offer general, total or multicultural marketing and secured PACO’s position as the premiere cross-cultural marketing agency in the Midwest.

Godinez has become the authority on marketing, advertising and public relations strategies. He serves as President and Executive Board member of Chicago’s Hispanic PR Association and is a distinguished board member of Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center and Alternatives, Inc., a youth-development agency.

When Godinez isn’t changing industry standards for marketing, he’s rooting for his two favorite teams-the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox. Cooking gourmet meals is also a passion of his. Like any chef using the best ingredients, he always yields the best results…mix years of experience, a pinch of expertise, stir in key insights y listo!


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